Rolling with it

In this economy it’s become necessary to be thick-skinned and not to take things personally. Faced with the potential for age discrimination and the notion that some companies won’t touch you once you’ve been out of work for over six months, I have to keep fighting through the periods of malaise. I get a little down, but then I bounce back up. I treat myself nice and have fun once in a while without playing all day to make myself “feel good.” I won’t “feel good” for long if I don’t work.

What amount of time should I spend doing “work” that I don’t get paid for and isn’t directly connected to my job search? Tough question. For myself as a writer, any writing I do will keep me in practice, and may have the added result of getting someone to notice my “goods.” I’m just beginning to use LinkedIn, and I’m actually enjoying it — it’s not all business and I am having some fun sharing little job search stories while adding to discussions about grammar and writing.

A fellow writer in one of my groups there asked me to write a guest blog. I was very flattered, and when it was published (I cross-posted it here, of course) I was gratified with the feedback and very happy when people wrote how much they identified.

I can’t afford to go back to school, so I spend a lot of time reading and looking for free training online. In between, I’m actually working. I have two free-lance jobs right now, one of which (and this is a first for me) I found through Twitter. It is a new world, and I have to adjust.


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