Cover letter truth revealed!

From HR Dave, found via Twitter: “I have NEVER read a resume of someone who was unqualified for the job and thought, Well, if they have a great cover letter, I’ll reconsider. Never happened; never will.  However, I have on several occasions read a resume of a qualified candidate, then moved on to the cover letter out of curiosity, and have promptly removed that candidate from consideration. Maybe there was one too many typos. Maybe s/he had the name of the wrong company or the letter was addressed to someone I had never heard of. Maybe s/he couldn’t string two sentences together coherently or couldn’t conjugate verbs. Maybe s/he used a background on the document that contained butterflies, skulls, unicorns, stars, or any combination of these. The bottom line is that there are so many things that can go wrong with a cover letter that at times it hardly seems worth it.”

Does this mean I really don’t have to write cover letters anymore? Oh, please tell me this is true. Cover letters–the bane of my unemployed existence. In all my years, all the times I’ve had to hunt for work, I think I’ve felt satisfied with a cover letter twice. I am going to do a little more reading up on this. I can certainly jump on this bandwagon.


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