Do I look confused in this?

What are people wearing these days to job interviews? Here is some helpful advice:

From The Return of the Interview Suit, NY Times:

“… go with a pantsuit because that gives a better silhouette.” — Simon Kneen, creative director of Banana Republic.

“I’m really against pants. They look too casual in most situations.” — Designer Nicole Miller.

“… clean and simple lines — anything that doesn’t distract the interviewer from understanding the qualities you bring to the table.” — Karen Harvey, a recruiter for top fashion and retail jobs.

“ … give people something to remember. … pick a color, as opposed to wearing all gray.”  — Jenna Lyons Mazeau, the creative director of J. Crew. “”

“I’m a big fan of sticking with navy or gray pinstripes.” — former designer James Purcell, who now works as an image strategist for executives and politicians.

Cost of all this?

From Buyer’s Guide: The Perfect Interview Suit:

“It’s reasonable to expect a suit to cost somewhere between $300 and $1,000.” — Erika Chloe, celebrity stylist and founder of fashion consulting company “My Image Expert.”

Confused and depressed now?


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