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Facebook no-no’s

From BBC News online: “What you shouldn’t do on Facebook…
The BBC recently came up with a list of things you should perhaps not do when on Facebook, many of which relate to employment.

The five include:

  1. Make friends with people you shouldn’t.
  2. Moan about your boss/customers/constituents.
  3. Upload dodgy photos.
  4. Enjoy your sick leave too much.
  5. Spill secrets.

The June 15th article by Marie Jackson elaborates, in part: “A woman, known only as Lindsay, declared in a (Facebook) status update, “OMG I hate my job!” before launching into a personal attack on her boss. It was a matter of hours before she was reminded that her boss was among her “friends”. He reportedly posted a response telling Lindsay not to bother coming in (the next day).”

Yesterday I was on YouTube with family members, posting links to Springsteen videos featuring sax solos by Clarence Clemens, who died on Saturday. It wasn’t “professional,” but then again it certainly wasn’t controversial and was harmless, with the exception being that a client might think I should have been working at the time I was posting the YouTube links.

But when I’m blogging, that, too, may appear to be a distraction from my work. I keep my own hours and lately I’ve been working pretty hard — I’m editing two books now (finishing up one in the next two days and starting another) — but I do consider blogging to be part of my work life as well. I need to write, so I prioritize; I don’t write when I have an immediate editing deadline looming.

Then there are borderline distractions such as tweeting and updating my status or commenting on LinkedIn. I consider this part of my marketing plan to put my name out there as a freelancer, and so it’s also “working” — depending on what, exactly, I’m tweeting.

I have no privacy. I’m going to be very careful before writing anything negative about a former workplace, or before posting a suggestive or distasteful photo. This may be my life, but it’s also business.