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I have over 25 years in publishing and my specialties are fiction, memoir, blogging, and medical writing. I can start a blog or website for you, show you how to blog or use social media to increase your followers, or I can manage your social media for you. My primary style guide and dictionary are the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition, but I’m also familiar with AP, AMA, and Yahoo!

I offer a 20% discount to those who find me through social media.


347-613-6943 (text or call)

Facebook: Arzooman Editorial Services

Twitter: Jan_Arzooman

LinkedIn: Jan Arzooman

Tumblr: Jan Arzooman

Pinterest: Jan Arzooman


If you find a typo or error anywhere in this website, please kindly let me know about it so I can correct it. 



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