Brief (case) Encounters

Brief (case) Encounters

By Alexander Hammond

Nazca Plains, 2011

My role: Copyeditor

Description from Amazon:
Have you ever confronted a head of state with your trousers ’round your ankles? Has your employer ever suggested you take a gun to a meeting? Is Australian wildlife really as dangerous as they say? What do you do when you contract ‘Hong Kong Foot’, and more importantly … what the hell is it? Well, grab your passport and make sure your shots are up to date. You’re about to see the world with Alexander Hammond, international business traveller, raconteur and hopeless yet ever-optimistic romantic. Alex is a magnet for surreal experiences–not surprising, given his other career as sci-fi/fantasy author. His journal entries record his bizarre adventures with a keen eye and relate them with a bemused and often bewildered humor. With his briefcase firmly in hand, the affable Brit fends off the advances of a porn star in America, is chased by a pack of angry primates in Antigua and narrowly escapes a street fight with the Yakuza in Japan … and that’s just in the first few pages. Whether tucking into a saucer of sea slug in Taiwan, a plateful of puffins in Iceland or those mysterious things called ‘grits’ in Texas, Alex has an appetite for the unusual. And if his meals are odd, wait till you meet his dinner companions, which include a woman who makes Jessica Rabbit look frumpy and a Bangkok business baron who regularly has his car parked by attendants wearing four-foot angel wings. Alexander’s travel tales will make you laugh, cringe and covet a seat beside him on your next long-haul flight. This man has stories to tell and he does so with relish. So buckle up–at least until the captain turns off the seat belt sign–it’s going to be a wild ride!
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