Monterey Madness

Monterey Madness

By L.C. Wright

Wings ePress, 2011

My role: Copyeditor

Description from Amazon:
Nothing muddles a great home life quicker than a suspension from your job and an unexpected visit from an eccentric, skirt-chasing father-in-law. Detective Adam Shaw thought his life couldn’t get any worse … until it did. With his best friend accused of murder, Shaw is drawn into a cat-and-mouse chase of who-done-it, where the good guys are not so good and the bad guys may be his only salvation. When the clues lead to police corruption, Shaw must go outside conventional resources and enlist the help of an eclectic band of miscreants who know more about breaking the law than solving a crime. The straight-shooting black-and-white, Shaw, jumps headfirst into a world of gray. Forced into the realm of weird new friends and deadly foes, the old-school detective struggles to survive … Monterey Madness.
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