Your Boyfriend and Other Guys I’ve Kissed

Your Boyfriend and Other Guys I’ve Kissed

By Totally Tyler

Nazca Plains, 2011

My role: Copyeditor

Description from Amazon:
In the tradition of David Sedaris and Carrie Bradshaw, party boy blogger Totally Tyler hilariously navigates his way through the gay Atlanta dating scene–one lemon drop martini at a time. Sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, always poignant, Totally Tyler weaves triumphant and tragic tales of tail. In this, his first collection of stories, Totally Tyler explores why they call it the Dirty South by dishing on the ones who got away, the ones who should’ve stayed away and why the Queen of the Queens (Madonna, of course) rules his world. Pour a cocktail, pull up a seat and buckle up–these bedtime stories promise to be bumpy rides.
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